Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Spring fever, you mind is the garden, your thoughts are the seeds, you can plant flowers or you can plant weeds.....

Your mind is a garden and your thoughts are the seeds you can grow flowers, or you can grow weeds, and weeds can be cool too.

Legalization of Cannabis has passed and despite uncertain legislation around the sale and processing of Cannabis – one thing is for sure. You can grow your own.  4 plants per household.  

Back in 2017, I had approached the City of the Hammer, to enquire about processing Cannabis legally, I never did it, far too complicated at this stage, and the back lash of even asking put me off.  So, legalization happened last Oct – yet it is still technically illegal unless you buy it from the Govt.  Beat the system – grow your own.

Anyone following the story in Hamilton, knows that there have been regular raids on illegal dispensaries, dispensaries full of products legally made somewhere else.  Ontario’s regulations are hurting local small-scale production.  Only the big players are benefiting from our legislation, perhaps it’s no surprise.  

So, what do you need to grow you own?  Seeds are available legally at most legal head shops, for about 15.00 per seed in about 4 months you your seed will become a stunning weed. Some low-cost LED lights and a little love and perhaps an air purifier to clean the musky scent, and you will be well on your way to a cost effective, safe, and legal means to enjoy a little wacky tobakky.

So bottom line no Ojo will not be producing any body products or edibles, but I am making them for myself, and that in itself is a bonus. Body products infused with CBD, have loads of beneficial properties outside of pain relief, when combined with essential oils, a personalized skin & hair care regime is literally pennies away.  The beneficial properties of the Cannabis plant goes well beyond its psychoactive fame.  So, stay tuned and I will be sharing some tips and recipes from the test kitchen.    

Lots of people still ask what happened to the Ojo food truck. The 1966 Avion is still sitting next to her sister the 1971 Airstream, planning their next adventure.  The cooking equipment has been removed from the food truck and replaced with prep space and storage.  

Seeds are the next adventure – February marks the beginning of seed selection, over the last two years I have been gradually replacing the grass and shrubbery at the house with Perennial herbs and food.   Patiently awaiting spring is a handful of blueberry bushes, loads of strawberries which are only enough for the bunnies, asparagus, pears, raspberries, and hundreds of cloves of garlic, peppered with lots of mint, oregano, rosemary, bergamot, and kale.  So as McMansions grow around me, replacing green space with concrete, I am doubling down on planting seeds and I like it.  I am proud to say that I am still drinking a wild crafted tea from my garden herbs that hands down beats the store bought – and it is free and abundant. 

As you plan your spring garden, make sure you include some bee friendly pollinators and something to snack on for yourself too J

Happy seeding, you only reap what you sow, so take to time to open a window of light and plant a seed of love.

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