Monday, 18 June 2018

For the last couple of months, I have been working with the Green Party in my riding for their bid as the first Green MPP in Ontario.   While we did not get the seat in our riding, my hope is that the momentum in all ridings helped to carry Mike Schreiner of Guelph and leader of the Ontario Greens to the first Green seat in Ontario Parliament.  Well done. 

Having never voted Green before there really was a bunch of thoughts that led me to volunteer my services as Campaign Manager.  I have had many a conversation, with peeps in previous years that perhaps the Greens are just a little too flaky to be taken seriously. As nice as flaky people are as individuals, green hair, clown ties, and loud shirts will in my opinion never get elected as leaders, plus a whole wack of green flakes running govt, well that’s just silly.   Put the costumes away, this is our real-life that your Politics fucks with. Personalities aside, because it does take a certain kind of crazy (perhaps myself included) to make the trek into the world of Politics, the Green’s actually do have some good Policy. 

Policy was what I was genuinely interested in.  I have over the past couple of years become addicted to docs on society moving forward.  It seems to me the economy is fucked any which way you look at it.  Whichever “major” party gets in it’s the same, I felt the pain of not wanting to vote for anyone, and I really did look at the party platforms and the Candidates in my riding before jumping on the Green Wave.  What really struck me about the Green Platform was that it had a good synergy with my vision for what the future might look like if we started changing our policy to local and sustainable, building on small business and even a little bit thumbing the nose at large corporations, by putting the burden of taxes on their backs.  How-ever it seems the majority of people just can’t get past the flaky to dig into Policy.

 I also dug the slogan People Powered Change – and while each party this election embraced the idea of change in their official slogans, the Green message for me embraced the idea that to change the world we must change ourselves.  Why do we have a hate on for Politicians?  Are they really all smarmy liars?  Growing up, my world view was in a Democracy, it’s the people that are supposed to be the stop-gap to corruption.  How can corruption happen if we all are listening to our own inner bullshit meter, and calling each other out on it?   How is that corruption in Politics has become so main stream that people accept it as normal behaviour.

The reports of fraudulent voting practices adopted by 29 of the Progressive Conservatives including one in my riding was truly shocking, allegations of stealing Identifications of 407 ETR users and then falsifying identifications to allow illegal voting at Ancaster High School during the Candidacy Ballot 2017 for the PC’s, blew my mind that more people were not talking about the level of LOCAL corruption.   What was truly mind blowing was one of those three Candidates thought Fraud was so mainstream in his cultural mindset, he literally expensed it.  It looks like this Ancaster connection was the trigger which began the unraveling of the 407 scandals.   

Nothing short of a complete draining of our local swamp is in order, it is refreshing to see the Liberals lose official party status after the ongoing decline of faith and respect of our Provincial Govt.  Changing out our local 4 term Politician upsets the local food chain and local political alliances.  Next, we need to change our Councillor, and call for a fresh start.

My own bullshit meter has been ringing off the hook locally with the Ancaster Well.  It is my world view that our local Councillor is so corrupt that he chooses to dis-obey a legal land deed, in an attempt to help local developers, lift Land Restrictions on a parcel of land in Copetown.  It has been 6 months since the fence was erected around the Ancaster Well, so it would be perfect time, for an application by the HCA to lift the Legacy of William Kennedy.  It has always been my view that there is no issue with the health and safety of the water at the Ancaster Well, and that there is indeed no health order by the City of Hamilton to close or fence the well, this is a voluntary action on behalf of the HCA to manipulate land use.  

My intuition tells me that the Ancaster Well story will turn out to be all about Real Estate Law.  A change of use of a property is considered the same as a sale of a property.  It is my guess that the Hamilton Conservation Authority plans to use the change of use at the Ancaster Well as a trigger to sell themselves back the well property and lift the covenants.  Now it is up to the community to protect the well and surrounding Green Belt. 

When I saw the video of Doug Ford offering up our Green Belt to foreign investors– my inner alarm clock went on high alert.  There are a number of choice properties in Copetown with prime highway access that would be ideal for the ongoing urban sprawl and power center mentality of our Ancaster Council. This type of development I personally would like to see an end to.  The thought of selling off our Green Belt to foreign investors so that they can build high density town homes is to me little smart, short sighted and just plain offensive and greedy.

With a local election coming up in October, now is the time to start asking questions in our community to our local Politicians and City Hall, there are some that might say, what’s wrong with developing “chunks” of green belt 

At least one Politician in the running for Councillor of Ancaster Dundas and Hamilton West is ready to step up to the challenge of protecting the Ancaster Well and that is John Scime.  I look forward to following his run for Ancaster Councillor – find out more about John – here

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