Friday, 7 July 2017

it feels like summer......

Hat’s off to all those small businesses that run at break neck speed in the summer time to compensate for the slowness of a Canadian winter.

The Ojo  Summer kitchen is parked in the driveway, we didn’t sell it, partly because it is loved so much and partly because perhaps there is still a small flicker of a dream that the ojo kitchen still holds another story to be told.  It’s refreshing and relaxing to witness the rush of summer business while sipping cocktails with my feet up and a sun tan.

That’s not to say that Ojo is not busy, we are still busy with the doing, the garden is planted and is for the most part thriving, most of the seeds have come up, although I was sadly disappointed with how many of the seeds never sprouted.  Planting in the back yard for the first year where only grass has been grown before – I am pleased with my moderate success.  I am also pleased with the social aspect of planting, the planning and seed sharing, and wood mulch sharing, and plant sharing was nice, I look forward to the sharing of the bounty with all those involved.

The Ojo office is finally mobile and on the road after 5 years of on again off again manufacture -  I proudly sit here now in the office with my mobile Wi-Fi – giving it a go – is it possible to live and work from an Airstream in a Provincial Park?  So far I am giving this life a solid thumb up.  With a few creative projects ruminating in my head, spending a week in quiet isolation with lap top and dog is much more productive than you might give credit to.

Interesting projects that I have been volunteering with in addition to my bread and butter gigs (Thank you ) …….

Save Our Spring initiative to protect the Ancaster Well located at Governor’s Rd and Sulphur Springs Road.   I urge my local friends to please take the time to familiarize yourself with this issue.  Water may very well be the most important issue of our times and protecting a free and safe water source in our community is worth your effort.  The impetus to shut down this well is bureaucratic and does not serve the public in any way.  Get involved – volunteers are welcome!

The Ancaster Fair continues to be a project that is near and dear to my heart.  I love our fall fair and I am looking forward to attending it this year as opposed to watching it pass by from inside the window of the food truck.  I am honored to chair the Publicity Committee and sit on the Board, it is thru this involvement I have been lucky to get to work with a cool team of media professional’s Mike McCurlie of MJM Media and Michael D of V-Card TV – I am really excited about the new song and commercial for the fairgrounds and I really hope everyone enjoys.    You can catch a sneak preview here –
Another sweet little project that I am happy to volunteer for is Surface Farm -  when you find peeps with a like-minded attitude it’s hard not to want to get involved.  This little gem of a farm is going places, and I am happy to lend a hand starting with the Surface website and farm certification.

And the mobile office, thanks to Sky Roam all things are possible one of the big drawbacks to working on the road is connectivity.  While file sharing can be painfully slow there seems to be pockets of efficiency that make up for it. For 8$ per day unlimited Wi-Fi – with connectivity for up to 5 devices – and runs on batteries – Sky-Roam could be a families best camping friend. While Netflix was a challenge – I could send, and receive mail and stay relatively up to date with a little patience.

The mobile kitchen may be parked but this mobile office is quite pleasant, even on a hot summer day and while our business model may be shifting away from food service, Ojo will stay committed to eating local, one meal at a time, and one day at a time, on this journey of sustainable living.

So, where to next with the mobile office, stay tuned for the next chapter……