Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Espar Airtronic Bio-Diesel Heater for the Airstream........

Building sustainable off the grid commercial vehicles can be more fun than running them, the off the grid renovations of this 1971 Airstream, have been a large part of the business model, building off the grid and mobile means you get to really look into some cool new technology for sustainable living.  

The latest addition to the Airstream is a deisel heater by Esberspaecher (Espar), it is proven technology for heating cabs in big rigs and deisel cars, super fuel efficient with a thermostat means that this baby is now equipped for four season camping

A fuel tank mounted on the exterior of the RV - will keep us good to go for long periods in the summer and will allow for winter use of the trailer - the heater is equipped with a thermostat run by the solar powered batteries which will provide an even temperature in the trailer.  An exhaust neatly hidden on the side of the trailer and the heater neatly hidden under the custom sofa frame.

And while I won't be headed to Antartica any time soon with the Airstream - it's nice to know I could.

Check out this cool Airstream made by Zero South - 

Friday, 12 May 2017

All I need is a little patience

All I need is a little patience.

Planting and gardening, is kind of like having an idea and letting it ruminate to see what grows.   My seeds, and I are having a rather committed relationship.   I have been talking to, bringing in and out and finally after what I hope was the last cold snap early this week put all the seeds into the ground.  I talked to them, tucked them in under blankets for two nights…… and then lined their beds with lots of wood mulch.  In the meantime, mama Robin has given birth to four tiny babies sharing my Tiki.

I keep trying to visualize a lush bountiful garden in the hopes that positive thinking can have a lasting impact on real life.  And yet my tomatoes are barely hanging on in the ground – they are  looking a bit frazzled now having to survive outside….. We can hope and think positive all we want, but it likely has no impact on other living beings with free choice….  maybe that means plants too.

Gardening is grounding for thoughts, even if nothing grows the dirt, this time with seeds, rain and sun has been enjoyed in my head, and I have taken the for sale sign off my ojo kitchen trailer……. Stay tuned for the next chapter…….