Thursday, 27 April 2017

 Peace and Light

So I have stopped watching the news, focusing on peaceful thoughts and my garden.

April on it's way out and some serious planting and weeding is in my future.  The seeds are in the dirt and sun is shining today and I am looking forward to sprouting new life from the darkness.

My blueberries seem happy and are thriving - I am playing lots of music and chatting with them every day.

The garden is starting to bloom and the birds and the bees are doing there spring dance

I have room mate in the Tiki hut, and will give this egg lots of space and love.

So my ojo thought for the day or perhaps the week.  Love yourself and honour yourself, don't let others bring you down to their level, whether it is in the news or relationships.  Bring integrity  health and trust in everything you do, and don't be afraid to go it alone.

Planting a garden is like setting a good intention for the future, it is abundance, peace and independence.   Digging is grounding therapy - enjoy the sun and the dirt and hope for a better future.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Fake News, find your ojo

It is a sad day when leaders of the free world categorize the main stream media as fake news .  Does it make you work harder to decipher the truth or does it make you pull the blanket over your head and go back to sleep.   When Politicians say – yesterday that was obsolete – but today it is not – can you trust in that?

After years of shaking my head at the bumper stickers and books on “conspiracy theories” and 911 truthers (still going after 16 years), I finally took the plunge to read about what is it, that both the left and right deem to be fake, or a conspiracy that is now apparantly main stream.  Most people don’t read it because they are too busy and don’t want to know and possibly dodge the person at the dinner party that uses the word “alien” or “truther”.  Been there done that and then took the plunge. 

It started with some innocent searches on RH Negative blood types, which is in my family.  I gave up Cable TV years ago and am a big YouTube user these days, well the search engines really did the rest, continuing to recommend, it is a totally different way to watch TV, so I would follow the crumbs, I watched enough differing opinions to leave my brain intact, still not really believing anything, there is too much.  My mind is still open.  There might be aliens among us, or not, the elites of the world under mind control, well still pondering that…. What is real is that the economy is not being talked about, and Climate Change is a Hoax?

What I did find, that I wasn’t initially looking for was a sense of peace of knowing that we are all looking for our inner voice, our inner truth, we know it when we find it, it is our intuition, our inner knowing we all have it, we just stopped deciphering it cause it doesn’t always make good financial sense, and we don’t have time for it, and maybe sometimes even our inner voice needs a little intuitive filter.

It is OK not to have all the answers and to learn to trust your instincts for what is truth and what is not, what we are being told by all accounts in the main stream is not truth.  To believe out of fear is not truth, to fight and create fear in the name of belief is not truth.  We all know that in our inner voice is getting bigger, and that’s because that’s all there is at the end of the day.

So - what has this got to do with ojo?  Ojo has been out there as food vehicle talking about local food, and trying to create awareness that we are what we eat.  In the midst of the last 3 year stint no time for anything.  We talk a lot about Local Food but last year there were many pizzas bought at the end of the day, the busier it got, the less we had time for the family and eating.  My inner voice was saying – you are so full of shit, you are queen of fake news talking about planting vegetables and you don’t even own a house plant.  

June 2016 I received a call that my cousin had jumped from a bridge in the Hammer and was in intensive care.  In that second everything changed.  How could this handsome and charming 30 something father get to such a place inside his head that he would want to end his life.  My cousin was also king of fake news, he was a writer and loved performing, and in his writing’s he was king of it all, loving large and living a life full of happy selfies on social media and that I got it all attitude.   Well he didn’t, and neither do I, and neither do most.

Ojo is I – it is just me and it is you, it is all of us, Ojo means Eye in Spanish – it is about looking within and that is where great change must come from.  We must start with ourselves, honesty in the mirror every day.  Be kind be nice and we can as a global population overcome all the negativity which is likely fake too.

It’s time we took time for ourselves – to shamelessly and without guilt take some time out of the busy day and just sit quiet, start small and think big, listen to your intuition, call it God, or Jesus, Self, Goddess, Spirits or Buddha.  Just listen to what your truth feels like and learn to develop your own intuition to be able to filter news and relationships.

Find your Self -  your I  - your Ojo. 

Now off to tend my garden!

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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

So here's the dirt......ground therapy......

Spring is springing and all of my seeds need a home in the ground, there is  a lot of  digging to do.

Today 13 blueberry bushes, two raspberries and two blackberries,  plus ground preparation for the vegetables which  are beginning to get seeded indoors.

Rain water collection tanks arrived and there is plumbing and irrigation to do.

And yes being dug in the backyard, by hand, by me - it is surprisingly therapeutic - if any of you are starting to feel the tension of the news and media....., bombings here, and gas attack there, throw in a school shooting and it might make you want to turn off the boob tube and start digging.

Follow along with the blog and watch the garden grow, and considering that this is a first time venture for me ever considering an edible garden -  so far so good.  The ground is soft and full of worms.  I had to take my shoes off and let it ooze through my toes.  
The house is a mess, but I am feeling strongly grounded and happy despite the world.

So the big opportunity this year for Ojo - is to tend a garden, the goal is an honourable one, and making the time to connect with the soil and grow some good food, and preserve it will be our story.