Tuesday, 11 November 2014

2014-11-11 - I remember

I remember, today and every day I always remember my Poppy.

That’s what I call my grandfather – Poppy.  My Poppy passed when I was 18 and I like to think that he has been by my side ever since, and so do my sisters – he get’s around as a guardian angel.  He brings me great comfort.

My poppy’s nick name was “chopper” in the second world war, he prepared food for the troops on the front line and thus acquired the name.  Kind of like a food truck, my Pop worked in a mobile kitchen following the war across Europe.  My Nanny worked at a cigarette factory, where they encouraged the ladies to smoke to help relieve the stress of war.  In most pictures from that era my Nan has a cig in her hand.  My father was born during the war, my Pop was away, I imagine those days of air raids, bunkers and loved ones in combat would be terrifying.

After the war my Nanny became head of school meals at the local school.  She ran the kitchen, she had a staff of ladies, my Nanny was tough, and an awesome cook.

So both of my grandparents were in the food business and both cooked local, cause that is what you did because it was all you had.

School meals are an important part of English and European culture, schools had a full on kitchen where the food would be made from scratch every day, wholesome, nutritious, and hot.  In most European countries the tradition continues.  We lived in Finland for a year and my children attended public school, breakfast and lunch were served hot every day, much to dismay of my chicken nugget loving 6 year old son.  Community parks, served hot soup every day to kids who brought their own bowl and spoon, and then washed it and put it back in their bags after use.  My kids shunned this service in favor of pizza, but the local kids lined up with bowls in hand.  Parents knew that every day their kids were fed at that it was nutritious.

Jamie Oliver  - I love listening to him talk, local and healthy has turned into fast and convenient.

Improving the nutrition in our schools and hospitals serving real fruit, not fruit cups from china is a start, and a there is a group of engaged citizens in Hamilton trying to do just that.

A young lady named Grace Evans who hails from Ancaster heads up this program – I think she is pretty awesome, and ojo’s wants to get involved, cause we feel inspired to do so.  Dr Wayne Dyer says that inspiration is to be “in spirit” the following of your inner voice, and when your actions are in spirit all is good.

I am thankful for feeling inspired, and thank my Poppy and my Nanny cause I remember.


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