Friday, 21 December 2012

winter 2012

In Oct 2012 we pulled our 1966 travel trailer off of its home on Lake Erie, and brought it home with the intent to renovate it into a food truck.

Being aware of  the issues that food trucks were experiencing in the city of Hamilton in 2012 we knew that we had better figure out just where this food truck was going to operate, we had some time as the truck build was estimated to take a solid 6 months, we needed to carefully consider all our options.

We put together a small business plan and sent it to the chairman of the BIA in Ancaster in the hopes that they would allow us to operate on Wilson Street in Ancaster.

While I was told by the chair that the BIA did not support food trucks, he would happily find me a bricks and mortar location for my business and charge me rent.  

We were building a food truck, why would we jump to bricks and mortar, when we had not even opened, we were not prepared to go full time   No response required for that offer.  

Then the Ancaster Farmers Market posted a position for the Market Manager and I thought that could be perfect if they allowed our food truck,  one afternoon a week.

I discussed with my employer of 15. years and submitted my resume to run the Ancaster Market part time provided that our food truck be allowed to operate.  

Turns out the Ancaster Farmers Market despite being outside of the boundaries of the BiA is actually governed by the BIA, and run by the wife of the chair of the BIA.

I interviewed and was offered the part time contract position.

We were happy to be part of the Ancaster Farmers Market, we decided to make our official ojo launch in conjunction with Ancaster Heritage Days, which we hoped would help us fall into a good rhythm with the Wednesday market.